ASL 44

  • YEAR : 2015
  • LOCATION : Ludhiana, Punjab
  • CATEGORY : House
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR : Harmony Soulth

Philosophically confronting history and narrating a story of the future,
A Classique edifice is brought into life by tracing the antecedents from the streets of Milan.
Shaping the process through heart and soul, the design is manifested into something beyond architecture, not only it draws the contemporary of the times we live in, but also captivates the artistic essense of roman era, moulding a perfect concoction.
Wrapped with a neo-classical exoskeleton with juxtaposed modern design elements and a minimal neutral material palette, it fulfils our strive for simplicity and proportions.
Inspired by Galleria Vittorio, a large central atrium covered with a luminous barrel vaulted skylight encapsulates the hues of the sky throughout the day, inducing profuse tints and tones of the sun over the intricately detailed facades and the body of water held by the atrium.
Modernist à la mode is thereby brought in by a seamless futuristic staircase oozing out through the vaults and arches, making its way to the top, unfolding the alliance of art and science in every frame, depicting the interflow of the two eras.