• YEAR : 2019
  • LOCATION : Ludhiana, Punjab
  • CATEGORY : House

Bemused by the quest to create an intemporelle art of building, that ages like a fine red wine, a spatially apprehended will of epoch strives for simplicity, translating into a series of spatial effects.
Blurring the boundaries between art, painting, sculpture and architecture, a home comes to life, like a well written poem or frozen music, leaving one entranced for the longest time.
A flowing, dynamic, clear space of the free plan unwinds the aesthetic quality of the minimalist interiors transcending into the echoes of the outward projected frivolous and self-indulgent architecture through the glass skin and innumerable fenestrations.
The core built-form is conceived through a clean stroke of lines, procured through a quality of sternotomy ,rigorous engineering and meticulous hours of detailing, portraying the passion and yearning for architecture.
The Eloquent essence of the ethereal and lush greens, held together by vertical straight frames, along with the eternal sunshine all around, infiltrates the micro climate within the site yearlong satisfying the love for nature.
Expressing much more than what meets the eye, the design expresses the beauty of being in an experience of being enclosed physically, yet spiritually teleported to a place beyond space and time.